Disclaimer and Important Exam information

OxSRC would like to be clear to applicants that we are here as students to help with their applications and will do all in our power to assist them in applying for our scholarship, providing they meet the requirements. However we are only a group of volunteer students and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any application. We are not in any position of influence over any application and maintain that applications are judged at the standard level of competency by which all Oxford University applications are judged.

Travel advice
We strongly advise applications not to travel for any exam required by departments. All but Medicine examinations are able to be changed according to the circumstances of the candidate and therefore anyone who is unable to travel to any required exam center should contact us at oxrcampaign@gmail.com as soon as possible and we will attempt to get in touch with the relevant department to discuss alternative options on your behalf.

Medicine applicants
Should be aware that they will have to take an exam without exception. OxSRC would advise applicants that the strong competition for international medicine places, of which there are only 14 per year, would make the application process highly complicated and difficult for any applicant. However if you do still wish to apply for medicine we will support you in ever way possible, provided you are aware of the competition involved.