URGENT: Help us provide scholarships to 8 students this September

The Oxford Students Refugee Campaign (OXSRC) has led to the successful creation of the Oxford Student Scholarship, a fund which will offer scholarships starting with the academic year 2017/18. The fund, set up and administered by the University, will initially be abounded by students’ termly contributions. So far over 11,000 students have joined the campaign and pledged to give 1£ per month, through motions adopted by their common rooms (list of colleges who have already passed a motion). If that motion was passed in every common room, 20 fully-funded scholarships could be offered.

Application will start in September 2016. Yet, already this year, 8 potential students, all offer holders, fulfill the above criteria. These 8 students would immensely benefit from the scholarships. Unfortunately, since not all common rooms have passed the motion yet, and since most of the termly collections will only start next term, these 8 students will not be supported without the help of additional donations and external donors. This is why we are now reaching out to potential donors to increase the available funds. Direct donations can be made at the Oxfords University  website.

What we need, and how you can help

The most urgent thing is to get the word out! We would be very grateful if you could share this page, talk to friends and relatives, and help us spread the word to potential donors.


We already have the support of 11 000 students: let’s get them all involved! Check out whether your college has already passed the motion; if not, consider presenting it to your common room.

Our outreach program has been overwhelmingly successful: we need help answering the questions of potential students. Consider volunteering with OXSRC.