Two more, that’s 30!

In the last two evenings Trinity MCR and Mansfield MCR have joined the campaign, taking our total common room number past the 30 mark. Its a great success and thanks to everyone who has and continues to support us. More to follow.

Yet More Motion Successes for the Campaign!

Following successful debates at Wadham and Exeter MCR over the last weeks, we now have 28 common rooms involved. Next to debate the motion are Trinity JCR&MCR and Mansfield MCR, hopefully we can soon add them both to our ever growing support network. Aside from these successes the campaign is making major headway into the […]

8 common rooms in a week!

The response to our campaign has been quite overwhelming. We have to thank all the college members and college representatives for that. Just this past week Hertford MCR and JCR, St. Hughes JCR, Christ Church JCR, Linacre SCR, St.Catz MCR, Worcester SCR and Teddy Hall MCR have passed our motion.

Cambridge is onboard!

The campaign is growing! We are now supporting the establishment of a model group in at the University of Cambridge. It’s not about varsity competition, we want to get as many opportunities for refugees to continue their education as possible in institutions right across the UK as well as just here in Oxford.