8 common rooms in a week!

The response to our campaign has been quite overwhelming. We have to thank all the college members and college representatives for that. Just this past week Hertford MCR and JCR, St. Hughes JCR, Christ Church JCR, Linacre SCR, St.Catz MCR, Worcester SCR and Teddy Hall MCR have passed our motion.

Cambridge is onboard!

The campaign is growing! We are now supporting the establishment of a model group in at the University of Cambridge. It’s not about varsity competition, we want to get as many opportunities for refugees to continue their education as possible in institutions right across the UK as well as just here in Oxford.

St. Hilda’s and Mansfield have passed!

Pleased to say that since last weekend we can now add St. Hilda’s MCR and Mansfield JCR to the growing list of common rooms which are committing to fund scholarships for refugees with Oxford students refugee campaign. To get your common room involved contact us via Facebook, Oxford students’ refugee campaign!