Welcome to the new academic year

OxSRC is looking to build even further on our huge successes achieved last year.

To do that we once again need the help of the lovely and supportive people that you all are. So please GET INVOLVED! We are already preparing our stand for freshers’ fair to get the word out about our campaign to all Oxford’s new students.

Aside from that our main aim this year is to consolidate our income, turning the pledges that so many of your fantastic common rooms agreed to, into actual battel commitments so we can fund a now very real waiting list of scholars. So if your college has passed the motion we need you to make sure that your common room is getting on with the accounts to ensure we can fund refugee scholars for years to come.

We are happy to answer any questions and any volunteers who want to get involved are more than welcome.

Thanks to all of you for our support last year and lets make 2016/17 an even bigger year for OxSRC!