The OXSRC wants to represent the full Oxford University student body and as such its committee members have  a variety of backgrounds and fields of study.



Thaís Roque

Thaís is currently reading for a DPhil in Biomedical Engineering. Through her degree she has been able to gain the ability to develop innovative ways to solve and tackle problems. Her social activities yielded her skills in communication, organization and networking approaches. Together these abilities were helpful when setting up the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign and will be crucial in taking the campaign forward. In her role as the president, she is responsible for creating and maintaining the network inside and outside Oxford required to create a long term strategy to set up scholarships for and support those whose studies have been interrupted because of war or persecution. As a result of her current efforts, she has been asked to join the ISNUK board of advisors and to become part of the Kiron University UK team to be able to provide support for refugee and asylum seeking students in the UK.


Vice President


Chris Smart

Having seen first hand the refugee crisis in the Balkans in the summer of 2015 I felt even more compelled to address the social stigma surrounding refugee migration. Frustrated by the lack of effective national response I see social campaign groups such as this one as the best way to respond compassionately to this humanitarian crisis. The significance of providing education as a sustainable response brings future benefits to the rebuilding of societies devastated by war. Currently studying for an Undergraduate degree in History, with a focus on 20th century and post colonial history, Chris has been involved in the campaign since his arrival at Oxford in 2015.


Vice President


Chloé Touzet

I am a first year DPhil in Social Policy at New College. My background is in political science and political economy, which I studied in Paris and London. In the past two years, unfoldings of the refugee crisis have led me to think of it as the prime cause for which I feel the need to get involved, and to do my share. I am a volunteer researcher at Asylos, an NGO which aims at assisting lawyers defending asylum claims by providing background research and country of origin information. Arriving in Oxford, I looked for ways to get involved here; OxSRC, as a concrete endeavour through which students can make a real change in the lives of people fleeing their countries, appeared as the logical way to do so.


Outreach Officer


Erica Aiazzi

Erica is studying for a MSc in Education (Research Training). In the past years, she worked for the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies and in the field of human trafficking in Lebanon. Living in Beirut, she experienced the serious lack of educational opportunities for young Syrian and Palestinian refugees. She joined the Oxford Students Refugee Campaign because she believes in the importance of scholarships to encourage displaced young people to pursue their interests and talents.


Mentoring Program Officer


Stacy Topouzova

Stacy Topouzova is PhD candidate at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the Faculty of Law, where she examines how refugee status determination procedures are conducted. She has previously supported numerous pro bono programmes and is honoured to join the Oxford Students’ Refugee Campaign